GLAD’s purpose is to awaken slumbering people to the issues in the world around them and the ways that they can make a difference for positive changes. GLAD is an organization that is educating, equipping, and empowering people to address issues in their communities and the world by connecting people and organizations through strategically designed programs and training.

GLAD is starting in churches by helping them evaluate their needs, and through strategic planning and programs educates, equips, and empowers people to be a positive impact in their communities effecting positive changes by helping them then get connected with the proper people and organizations. The change in the people attending the programs will not only cause them to serve and give outside of the church, but will also increase their giving and serving in the church. The program will also be offered in prisons and shelters as able. Once these programs are established and successful then GLAD will partner with churches and organizations in a specific region to do a free conference program in the community to reach those that wouldn’t otherwise be reached in a church, prison, or shelter program.